Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanksgiving and Wealth - Part I

So, here it is. I have decided to extend my publicized efforts for financial freedom to my magickal life. I am going to start with this coming weekend, as it is Thanksgiving. It is this concept of Gratitude that creates the room in our life for abundance. So, this is my intention for the coming festivities.

1. Invite my best friend and her kids over for a feast on Sunday.

2. On Saturday, I am going to do a thorough cleaning of my home and body with housework and a 24 hour fast.

3 Gather together all the food and offerings for Sunday.

4. Make a list of everything I am grateful for in my life.

5. Make a list of everything I am grateful for that is coming into my life.

I will post more on the actual details of the events for the weekend later. Right now, I just want to explain the significance of gratitude and how this works. Number five on my list is very crucial. It is important to be thankful for that which hasn't even manifested yet. Being specific is helpful too. "Universe, I am thankful for the raise/promotion/windfall/business deal/etc..." This of course, works with all aspects of your life too. Being thankful for an outcome that hasn't happened yet will make room in your life for that to happen. Your mind will be much more open to it because you can already see it and feel grateful for it. The Universe will bend to your will if you put this intention out there. Just believe it!

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