Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Job

I know I simply state "Corporate Slave" on my profile, and in a way I am. However, it is just tongue-in-cheek as I really love my job. I am a receptionist at the corporate head office for a company that has about 250 long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Not exactly glamorous, but it is kind of fun and it pays the bills.

My job also gives me a feeling of accomplishment everyday. I have many varied tasks and a lot of people depend on me to do my job right. I really get a good feeling when people are satisfied with the work I do. I have to order everything in the office, from stationary to coffee. I code invoices and make the schedule up every week. The best thing is a mobile phone with a headset that I have so, I am never stuck at my desk. I can go all over the office, (and it is a big office!), and do whatever needs to be done...or just chit-chat with friends. :)

Someone just asked me to work on a PowerPoint presentation. I hoping that one day they ask me to be her executive assistant, but in the meantime, I am making myself useful.


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