Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Not a Secret Anymore!

With all the hype about book titles (and claims) such as: "Think and Grow Rich, "The Science of Getting Rich" and "The Secret", which was based on the latter two, one would suspect that the general public is beginning to grasp something so very dear to financial infrastructure - It is pure thought.

Now as a Buddhist I tend to believe that everything is, at it's most basic level, a thoughtform. In our present day, regarding the financial state of affairs in North America, and the global economy as well, it is a crucial point in the hypnotic wordsmithing of politics in the media.

If what you believe is truly what you create then the daily crushing words of financial experts and "Wall Street gurus", (not to mention President Bush who has never done anything but deny, deny, deny), will be self-actualizing drivel.

I am not a financial expert, but why save a system that clearly is not working?

Since I believe in "As above, so below" and the reflection of Macro-economics in micro-economics, (and vice-versa), something doesn't add up here. The one thing that the Macro has is much grander resource. Where does all that money just disappear to?

Regardless, I think that the hype is poisoning people an d making them fearful, thus creating the very situation we wish to avoid. You see, you can't think and grow rich, if all you are thinking about is how poor you are! That is the the "secret", right? So, despite what experts, gurus and outgoing, has-been Presidents have to say stay focused my dear reader. You will not perish.

It is precisely this kind of negative self-talk that we do to ourselves that defeats us from moving forward and drives our emotions to make ridiculous choices for ourselves.We are the doomsayers of our own mind, our own lives. It is easy to fall prey to this with most of the media that we absorb emitting this type of toxic programming. The program can be changed and reacting to the fear isn't going to help.

No, I am not surprised at all that single mothers get depressed, or that parents who lose their life savings and feel the poison of that loss in their bellies decide to commit suicide. No, it doesn't surprise me. However, if they could just remember that money is just based on thought and try to turn their thoughts away from the poverty mind. It may or may not make one rich, but at least they won't be so down.

Wealth is out there and I will be dammed if I let the news or talk show hosts determine my mind set. I won't let the oppressive beauracracy of social programming - ouvertly meant to help citizens - determine my mind set. I won't let the status quo, stereotyping and gender bias tell me who I have to be. I will live as an exception to "their" rules.

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