Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Family, Friends and Many Blessings

I am certainly blessed. Many people have stepped up to help out my family when the chips were down. A few generous souls from all over the world have sent food and other offerings to boost our spirits and make certain that we do not starve during the next months. This time of year is a terrible time. It is cold and bills are coming in from the holidays. People are generally in a bad mood. However, I can thank the caring people over at Barbelith for responding.

Barbelith is a community I have been involved with for about 7 years. It has it's good times and bad, as it is a very close-knit community. The members are mostly known to one another, compared to many other forums, and they deal intimately with each other's opinions and life situations. Really, it is unlike any other internet message board.

Through the support I receive, online and off, in the various forms: food, kind words, prayers, gifts, etc...I am not getting rich because of this help, I am just getting help with some very basic needs. In other words, I am not defrauding my government by accepting help.

I should mention that when I asked my worker for help with transportation getting to job interviews, she offered to put the maximum amount in my bank account for a bus pass. There were absolutely no issues. The only issue I would bring up in regards to this would be that it was not an automatic cost. Getting around Mississauga on foot is not even an option! So, I am not certain how that gets swept aside and less-informed, or more timid clients end up suffering for it because their worker is not focused on how to help them, rather than the bottom line.

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