Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just spoke to my OW worker...

I detailed in my voicemail to her what it is that I needed. She asks me what I want like she hasn't even bothered to listen to the message I left her. Fine. I explain that I need a buspass like she gave me for the month of February, for the month of March. Sh asks me what I have planned. I tell her "Job searching...", in a bit of a stunned manner because I would guess that by now this is evident. Apparently, it is not.

Then Nadine says, "Oh you met with a worker from Families First How did that go?" (Hmm, so she did listen to my message). I tell her I did and that Ellen from FF is going to help me with sports for my son, employment strategies, and childcare. "Okay. You will need to let me know when the employment strategies comes through." I tell her that Ellen will be in contact with her. Nadine gets defensive and starts to talk to me like I am being uncooperative and hostile.

"Look, I am trying to help you, but you are not co-operating. You need to call me..." Nadine says to me.

"But I am Nadine. I am calling you now." I interject.

"You need to call me about the Employment Strategies and when you are starting that." She tells me

"Ellen was just here and she said that she is going to contact you with all this information." I explain to Nadine

"No. You need to call me when these things happen. Those workers don't contact us. You need to do that." Nadine insists

I am a little confused. Nadine is in a sense saying that Ellen is lying to me. What is going on here?

"I still need transportation in the meantime." I explain

"Yes, I am issuing the transportation cost" She finally confirms.

"Okay. I will call you then...." I tell her to be interrupted with:

"Okay, Bye Ms.____"


The truth is, I don't like calling her. I feel she is non-supportive and misleading. I do not trust her. Yet, I have to trust her with my life and the life of my child. How can I trust someone that blatantly has the ability to recommend services to me, but just didn't bother? Or someone who doesn't provide me with adequate information?

At this particular moment, I am feeling a bit helpless because my family's is in the hands of either a fool, an incompetent, or petty, power-tripper.

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