Sunday, December 9, 2007

Inspector Gadget keeps up with the Joneses

I am just one woman. There are so many responsibilities that I have to keep up with. Raising a child alone is difficult enough, but modern society also pressures it's members to own certain things and "keep up with the Joneses". I don't know anyone by the name of Jones, but I see that most people do have more than we do - my son and I, that is.

While I feel the need to care for my son, there is a vast array of superfluous gadgetry that is tauted about to the the modern, North American seducing children and adults alike. Do these kids really need mp3 players or camera phones, or the very sophisticated video players? No, they don't need them, but if the kids want to be socially functional, they have to get them. This is what is being taught to them.

As adults, in general, we have enforced this idea that the "simple life" is no good. If we are not laden with gadgets, then we are inferior, somehow. Our children at a young age, must look up at us with all our electronic, wireless, digital paraphernalia and think we are living versions of Inspector Gadget. Frankly, I wonder if even he could keep up with the current demands to own high-tech gear.

Anyway, I have to do the laundry...Go, go, gadget-mummy!

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