Wednesday, November 5, 2008


In my email this morning:

Can you feel that? It's the immense, life-changing power of Saturn moving opposite Uranus. These two powers of our solar system haven't been opposite since the mid-60s, and you know what happened then ... revolution! These powerhouse planets are aligned again for radical changes and personal liberation. So ... what do you want to change in your life?This is no ordinary alignment of the planets; it's a major opportunity for transformation and self-expression. Saturn is about dealing with limitations and challenges. This may involve the preservation of tradition and the status quo (as, some would say are represented by John McCain's election platform). Uranus is the poster child for change, idealism and freedom (i.e. Barack Obama's platform). Together, the two planets are generating climactic energy that could produce big change in by our life -- and, if you make the right decisions, for the better!

It is time for a change. I am happy for the U.S.A. Obama will be good for them and the rest of the world. I pray he stays safe so he can lead them to great and wonderful things.

For myself, the old, established order must also be overcome by a pivotal change. There are things that have to change. One is living based on fear. Fear that I won't have enough, or that people won't like me, or of what people think. The only thing that matters is my own self respect. If I can't look me in the eye every morning because I let people take advantage of me or because I am not doing the right thing then how can I give myself the esteem necessary to go forward? What good is it to have "friends" if they do not respect you? What good is it to have a relationship that is based in fear of being alone? What good is it to have "success" if it is based in something you find reprehensible? What good is it to have values when you devalue yourself?

Good bye unempowered, fearful doormat.
Good bye self-interested, manipulative bullies.
Hello to the self-respecting, empowered nation.

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